a word of caution

“In keeping with the liars’ modus operandi, ‘the Wall’ is a deceit. The term in fact refers to a vast desert belt that surrounds the land we claim for Rome, comprising the territory held by the State in Mary’s time. This belt borders Dendi in the west and runs north of the Golden Sultanates to the Ecumenical Province of Low Elam at its easternmost point. There it swoops northwards across the mountains and the great lakes, to where the desert becomes ice.

The only demarcation the State built is a row of pillars, each three hundred cubits tall and twenty wide, and a thousand paces apart. Each pillar also bore a plain white standard, and the assumed transience of this cloth gave the border its full name of the Paper Wall. But anyone who has ever held a document from this time, made by the liars, knows its endurance is yet another case of their disdain for words.


Anyone who takes it upon themselves to explore this area, this period in the history of Rome, should know that they are treading on layer upon layer of misinformation, omission, and opacity. Tread carefully, my friend in Christ; and make sure you bring back nothing but the truth.”

— “The Centuries That Weren’t:
An Introduction to the Study of Rome AD 1398-2250″
Little Brother Baptist of the High College of St Sawlon and St Agathon
Anno Domini Victor 966